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IntilaQ DataScience Academy

December 12th 2018 until March 1st 2019

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Why this program

As both data & data management seem to grow exponentially, hiring qualified people for data science roles is more crucial than ever.
In a recent report, IBM estimated that the number of job postings in data science will grow to reach 2.7 million in 2020.
We, at IntilaQ, believe in the potential of data science and the importance of creating a generation of data scientists ready to tackle and solve tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, we launched the data science program with the support of our local and international partners.

Hedi Zaher

CEO Datavora

Marwen Dhemayed

Data Geek AI Specialist

Ahmed Kaddour

Account Technology Strategist Microsoft

M0: Introduction
M1 : Prerequisites
  • Math (calculus, Linear algebra, Prob. Stats. Optim. )
  • Python (Progr. Lang, Libs, DB)
  • Data structure (Algorithm. Performance)
M2: Data prepearation
  • Data Collection
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Quality
M3: Machine Learning
  • Supervised
    • Classification (SVM, KNN, Naive Baies)
    • Regression ( Linear, Logistic)
  • Unsupervised
    • Clustering
    • Dimention reduction
    • Word embedding
M4: Deep learning
  • FFN
  • CNN
  • RNN
Our Typical Training Day

Collaborative Training

At InitlaQ Datascience Academy, the students will be encouraged to interact with each other and work on solving real projects using real data.

There will be a mentor for each module and 2 full time teacher assistants ready to answer the students’ questions.

  • the training day starts at 9 am and lasts 3 to 4 hours. Participants will learn statistical, machine learning and deep learning methods, optimization and computing.
  • Participants will learn how to apply classroom examples using real data and answering concrete business questions from the perspectives of different industries.
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You will learn the skills for tomorrow's jobs

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Testimonials from recent graduates

"Intilaq Data Science Academy" was an instructive environment where I acquired the foundations of Data Science.
I received a great deal of training and networking during the 4 months period. The experience I gained in a that short span was brilliant and invaluable.
After the program completion, I received multiple job offers from the academy partners.
Highly Recommended!

Mohamed Radhouane DouissaComputer Science, PhD

Participating in IntilaQ’s Data Science Academy has undoubtedly paved my way into AI professional world. It was difficult for me to know where to start but after joining the academy, and within four months, i was able to diligently shift from Mechatronics to Data Science, all through daily labs and weekly presentations.

Nerimene FekihMechatronics Engineer

Official Partner

Technical Partners